RotaCrimp™ The leading method in crimping technology.

Betaswage’s development of a new method of crimping is at the forefront of hose assembly. The new approach to the craft greatly improves mating of hose coupling to hose by administering a more balanced stress across the crimped assembly. Furthermore the casing aesthetics are notably cleaner with the reduction of material bleed. The finished product is a superior assembly that can be leveraged by hose suppliers over their competitors.

RotaCrimp™ is a method of crimping that is available on the new BS350/400C. The leading edge crimper utilises its Indexing Shoe Cluster to crimp an assembly from multiple angles. The machine indexes its shoe’s 2.5 deg increments after each crimp. It progressively crimps smaller and smaller. The control allows the operator to adjust both the rate of reduction in diameter steps from 0.1- 2.0mm mated to 144 shoe cluster positions per 360 degrees. Amid the production of the assembly the fitting remains in a stationary position, emerging the roundest crimped assembly available on market to date.

The newly derived method also creates an even internal roundness. In the past crimping was confronted with a compromise of internal / external roundness. Die profile radius determined the characteristics of the finished crimp.

We have made further investigation into stress administered by RotaCrimp™ on the assembly’s casing. The evenly worked material yields a more even compression as seen in the even distribution of material. A single crimp forces the material to bleed out providing compression in between the die elements furthermore it increases stress to the inner hose lining on eight points. You can clearly see the results illustrated above.

RotaCrimp™ Provides the uniform compression characteristics of axial swage methods with the unique proprietaries of diameter adjustment and total ferrule reduction of Pallet Crimping.

Unique opportunities exist in high pressure urethane spiral assemblies in metal blasting applications and hoses with thin wall mechanical constructions i.e. "Composite Hoses" and "Lay Flat Hoses".

Customers who require more demanding performance from their Hydraulic hoses should also consider RotaCrimp™

If you would like further information as to how RotaCrimp™ can benefit your business then please contact us Here.




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