Digital Control

Digital Control specified by “D” in the model code.

BetaSwage’s Digital Control technology for Swage Presses

Digital Control (specified by ‘D’ in the model code) offers all the features of the Automatic Control except that the offset value is entered digitally. The ‘D’ controller provides more accurate swaging than “M” control as the die speed slows down just prior to the final swage diameter being achieved.

To utilise the digital control, the operator determines the required swage diameter for the hose assembly and then refers to the Offset Reference Chart to calculate the offset value and required die set number.

For instance, if a swage diameter of 25.40mm is required, we refer to the chart as displayed above.

The Offset Value is a function of:

• Die Set Number + OFFSET Value = Final Swage Diameter.
The key features of the Digital Control technology include;
Slow Set Point Approach Speed

The Digital Control is able to detect when final swage diameter is being achieved because it receives head position from a linear potentiometer instead of a microswitch. This slows the inward motion of the dies immediately prior, resulting in a more accurate result.

Quick Change Over-Ride Button
When pressed with the Crimp Button, this function allows free movement of the head to be fully in position so that the Quick Change Tool for Button Dies can be used. As a result, resetting of the Dial Vernier to 0.00 setting is not required.

Retract Diameter Control
This control varies the diameter that the dies open. When swaging multiple assembles, only opening the dies just enough to remove the swaged assembly, will significantly increase production rates.
Foot Pedal

If the Foot Pedal is attached, the control switches instantly to full ‘Automatic’ and ‘Dead Man’ control. Pressing the Foot Pedal and the Dies begin to move inwards. Releasing the pedal and the motion of the Dies stops. Pressing the foot pedal a second time and the Dies move inwards again (Dead Man Control). Once the required set point has been achieved, the LED light will come on and the Dies will automatically retract to Retract Diameter setting. Release the Foot Pedal and repress to start inward sequence of the Dies once again.

Automatic Motor Control
If the swage press is switched on, the LED Set Point will flash ON OFF ON.
When the Crimp Button is pressed, the LED Set Point will switch off, the electric motor will run and the Dies will move inward. The electric motor will run for 20 seconds after any manual input to the Swage Press. The LED Set Point will then go back to flashing ON OFF ON to inform the operator it is in ‘Sleep Mode’. The swage press can be left in “Sleep Mode” indefinitely and it is never necessary to switch the electric motor on or off, as this occurs automatically.

Voltage Protection
Operating a swage press at incorrect voltage can damage the press irrevocably.
In instances where the swage press is subjected to incorrect voltage, it will isolate itself and send a signal alerting the operator. The swage press should be switched off at the isolator switch and the problem then corrected.

Incorrect Die Installation
Automatic Control means that on certain swage presses the swage press will only develop radial load if the correct die set is installed. This feature protects the press against damage and prevents the hose assembly from being destroyed.

If everything is functioning as it should and the voltage input is at the correct level, the LED set point will flash ON, OFF, ON. In instances where the LED Set Point shows off but there is power to the swage press, than a failure in the control system has occurred. A LED Set Point showing ON ON ON, indicates an open circuit to the dial vernier. It’s important to carry out these simple checks to identify any possible problems early.

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