Computer Touch Screen

BetaSwages Computer Touch Screen Swage Press Technology

BetaSwage’s Exciting Crimper Computer Touch Screen Technology

While many swage presses offer touch screen technology, Betaswage is the only producer offering a computer touch screen. Utilising a ‘Windows XP’ operating system, the inclusion of a computer offers Betaswage the chance to include a range of leading applications, in addition to a touch screen controlled swage press.

Available applications includes:

Operational Manual (Standard inclusion)

If you’re searching for spare part information, specifications or sectional arrangement drawings, you won’t search for long. The computer comes equipped with Acrobat Reader and within this program you can access a PDF file of the operational manual. With the touch screen, just like a book, you can then turn the pages with your fingers.

Hose and Coupling Manuals (Standard inclusion)

Installation of hose and coupling catalogues has never been easier. With the this technology operators can manage installation via the USB port of the computer. Again, using Acrobat Reader, the installed pages can be accessed and read just like a book.

Instructional Movies (Standard inclusion)

Assisting with education and training, new operators will be able to watch movies showing all operational aspects of the press. There is also the capacity to download movies via the USB port.

Rear View Camera (Optional inclusion)

An optional inclusion is a rear view camera that when activated will give the operator a view of the rear of the machine, with both the crimp and retract buttons remaining on the screen. Pressing the crimp button or foot pedal activates the camera. Three seconds after set point has been activated, or by touching the screen anywhere other than the retract or crimp buttons, the screen will revert back to the control panel.

Crimp Wizard (Standard inclusion)

For keeping convenient track of all the essential information, the Betaswage Crimp Wizard is the solution. The Crimp Wizard provides operators with a smart way of storing all hose type, coupling, crimp diameter and die set information. Operators are provided with the choice of entering the information on the press or via a remote power supply from their desk. Of added benefit, once the database is created, the information can be transferred to other presses via USB.

To operate the Crimp Wizard:

• Go to ‘Options’ and select the ‘Crimp Wizard’ tab and you can scroll through the entire range of hoses.
• Select the Hose Type and press ‘Next’.
• Select the Hose Diameter and press ‘Next’.
• Select Coupling Type and press ‘Next’. Now the pictorial suite will appear, with all information including the required Die Set with the appropriate Color Chip shown.
• Press Crimp and the screen will return to the Control Panel and the required Offset Value will be automatically entered.

Once the Crimp Wizard has been used, databases will be stored on the Favourites page. Operators can go directly to this page and view the previous four suites, selecting one instantly if they wish.
Springback Compensator (Standard inclusion - Patent Pending)

Refer to the Springback Compensator data sheet

A Springback Compensator can be switched on or off. When switched on, the press will double crimp and not release the product till it has achieved a diametrical tolerance of <+/- 0.1mm default setting. The tolerance level can be operator set with finer tolerances requiring possibly up to three crimps. Even a triple crimp operation occurs in less than one second.

The dies will only retract until the fitting is measured at close to zero load to be within required tolerance level.
Data Logging (Standard inclusion)

The data logging feature works in conjunction with the Springback Compensator - which offers an actual measurement of the completed crimp once the crimper is relaxed. With a measurement made, crimp press head strain and coupling elastic movement are eliminated. Data logging installs a job or order number which initiates a start and stop sequence, this data generates an Excel spreadsheet that can be exported and printed.



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