Colour Swage Control.

COLOUR SWAGE Control specified by “CSD” in the model code

Crimpers with Color Swage Control from Betaswage

The BetaSwage Color Swage Control (specified as “CSD” in the model code) has all the features of ‘D’ type digital control. *

When in color swage mode, the operator is presented with up to 48 stations that are pre-programmed via a portable computer. Rotating the input selector knob will move the operator through the stations. If no stations are programmed then we offer a typical digital control.

While the stations can take any text, it is recommended that four key elements should be associated with every station. Items 1 – 3 are entered via a portable computer.

1. Hose Identifier
2. Coupling Identifier
3. Die Set Identifier (Colour)
4. Required Swage Diameter.

The required swage diameter is entered via a calibration procedure via the input selector knob. This value can be ‘trimmed’ after commissioning to achieve ‘exact swage diameters’ without spring-back or crimper strain considerations.

Betaswage produces a machine that operators with no prior assembly or product knowledge can swage product to precise manufacturers’ specifications. The added bonus is that the machine does not require a final check on swage diameters or a secondary swage. With the Dies colour identified chips labelled, the process only requires the simple matching of coloured Dies to Hose.
The Color Swage Control is very popular in the mining sector.
* Refer to the Digital Control data sheet to view all the input selector operational features. It has an extra feature where it can be switched to Color Swage Mode.



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